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ConferenceWave is a smart and simple widget that enables your website visitors to see who is planning to attend your conference.

Conference Wave provides social proof by showing prospective conference attendance. Large turnouts and high-profile attendees are powerful selling points!

Video-Alerts is a freemium service that allows you to get an email notification when new videos are uploaded to YouTube, on whatever topic you choose. Over 100,000,000 videos have been sent to over 3,500 users since Video-Alerts launched in late 2008.

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Utilikit Kit is a collection of must-have applications for your Kindle E-Reader, which can enhance your reading experience and make your life easier. It includes seven different applications: calculator, stopwatch, countdown timer, world clocks, calendar, units conversion and notepad

Kindle Nonograms offers billions of puzzles for your Kindle E-Reader. This exciting puzzle game offers hours of challenging puzzles. Nonograms puzzles (which are quite similar to Sudoku games) requires you to unveil the hidden black and white picture using number clues. It's easy to learn but difficult to master...

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